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Thee cadeaus
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Dutch gift

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Looking for a Dutch gift to give? A typical Dutch gift? We create an unique tea present with very typical Dutch Flavours like stroopwafel and speculaas. The best Dutch gift to give! And tea is always a good idea!   

Typical Dutch Gift 

We have created a delicious new tea blend in which the historical connection with the Far East has been transformed into a contemporary blend that best symbolizes Dutch heritage: the Holland Heritage Blend.

Dutch masters. Historical connection with the East. Typical Dutch flavors. Discover the Holland Heritage Blend.

Typical Dutch Gift in box teaTypical Dutch Gift - Tea with Dutch Flavours

Traditionally, tea, herbs and spices have been shipped from the Far East to the West by sea. Typical Dutch delicacies have been made from all these delicious spices and herbs for a long time; think of speculaas and stroopwafel. Ceylon tea, the basis of this tea blend,  originally comes from a British/Dutch colony; Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Ceylon tea is characterized by its mild taste with a hint of citrus, which provides a fresh taste. Sri Lanka was a Dutch colony from 1640 to 1796. So we can say (with a wink) that Ceylon tea is also a bit like Dutch tea.

Little Dutch Gift Set - Make your own tea 

In a few steps you make your own tea blend with this tea box. In the box you will find a base tea blend (Ceylon tea) and 4 extra flavours which you can add on. Including an instruction card and a little book with recipies made with this tea.

Dutch Gift with tea in boxDutch Gift Tea Box

What is in the package: (shop here)

  • Base blend (Ceylon tea with purple tulips)
  • Four extra flavours to add to the base blend (Caramel Waffle - Dutch Cookies - House of Orange - Red, White & Blue)
  • Instruction card (English)
  • Recipe book (English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German)

Dutch Gift PremiumDutch Gift - Premium set

Also possible as a premium package - shop here. & shop here

Dutch gift ideas

Another option is a tea bag with a mild Ceylon tea with marigold, purple tulips, stroopwafel and speculaas (Caramel Waffle & Dutch Cookies). Shop here.

Dutch tea in bagDutch Gift - Typical Dutch Tea in bag

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